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We gather to worship. We gather for the Lord’s Supper. We gather to serve. We gather for many more reasons, such as fellowship, fun, learning, care and support. 


Sunday School begins Sept. 15th, and runs from 8:45-9:45am through the middle of May.

Our 3-years old through Kindergarten aged students learn the stories of the Bible through story telling, movies, crafts and snacks - all connected to the stories of God's people, as depicted in the Beginners Bible.


1st through 8th graders learn about life as a people of faith, by using the Dig In Sunday School curriculum.  They go deeper into the settings of the Bible stories, and learn God's message for their lives.

High School through Adults participate together in an inter-generational Bible study.  We discuss the Bible text for that Sunday's worship, and share what's going on in their lives.​

7th and 8th Grade Confirmation (snacks 3:20-3:30 class until 4:30pm)
All students of this age are welcome to join us as we walk through the Bible together.
Don’t forget that our Class and Snack schedule, as well as the Acolyte schedule is online at There are still Acolyte dates open for volunteers.

Welcome to Shepherd of the Hill Lutheran Church and the W-ELCA

As Women of the ELCA, we would like to welcome you to Shepherd of the Hill. We hope that you will become involved in the various organizations our church has to offer you. One of those organizations is the W-ELCA. As a community of women, we commit ourselves to: grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, in the community, in the society, and in the world. Meetings are held six times a year: February, March, May, September, October, and December. We meet the second Wednesday of these months, beginning with a light lunch at 12 noon, followed by a brief program, and a business meeting.

A W-ELCA offers these opportunities:

  • Quilting for Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and other community needs (1st Wednesday of the month 9:30am)

  • Monthly Bible Study (Usually 4th Wednesday at 1pm)

  • December holiday bake sale

  • Easter week Senior Citizen dinner

  • Preparing baby care, fabric, school kits, and personal care kits for LWR

  • Quilting for graduating high school seniors

  • Altar Guild

All women of Shepherd of the Hill are assigned to one of four work groups. You may be called upon to furnish and/or serve food at events such as funerals, weddings or other church dinners. Usually two work groups are assigned for each event. Food donations/requests may be one of these-cake, cupcakes, bars, Jell-O, or macaroni salad.

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