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GROWING in our faith

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Baptism and Beyond

Becoming part of God's family begins in the waters of baptism.  We believe this is God's gift of love for people of any age!  As baptized members of God's family, we come together to worship, learn about God, our faith, and how we can live out our faith in our daily lives.

As a congregation we encourage faith formation of people old and young alike; offering adult Sunday School, women's Bible study, as well as one-on-one instruction for those seeking to know more about the Christian faith.

Contact Pastor Mary Eide at or 715-879-5115 to inquire about baptism, faith formation or being welcomed as a member of our church.  

We are a church that values providing a safe and welcoming place for children to learn about their faith, and stories of the Bible.

Sunday School begins Sept. 15th, and runs from 8:45-9:45am through the middle of May.

Our 3-years old through Kindergarten aged students learn the stories of the Bible through story telling, movies, crafts and snacks - all connected to the stories of God's people, as depicted in the Beginners Bible.


1st through 8th graders learn about life as a people of faith, by using the Dig In Sunday School curriculum.  They go deeper into the settings of the Bible stories, and learn God's message for their lives.

High School through Adults participate together in an inter-generational Bible study.  We discuss the Bible text for that Sunday's worship, and share what's going on in their lives.​

We value the presence of youth in our congregation, and seek to help them develop relationships with others of our faith...and learn to respect the faith of others.

Youth are encouraged to be active members who assist with being part of our worship ministry, serving our neighbors and all while learning how to live Christ-like lives.

There are opportunities to go to Luther Park Bible Camp, gather with local youth, and attend local and national youth gatherings.

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